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We assess most of the popular meal replacement products including Herbalife, Eontu and the Exante Diet. We have a review page where people who have tried these diets can give honest reviews to help all readers find the plan that will bring success.

As well as using popular diets that include Exante and Eontu products, we recommend that you check out our fantastic section detailing online workout videos that can be accessed for free. We have videos that target specific areas such as the abs through to full 30 day workout programs that have been developed to speed up weight loss, especially when combined with a sensible diet or the correct range from Exante Diet.

Have a look at all the available slimming products in the UK. Most, when adhered to work well. The person using following the diet must have will power – that is the key. When you combine exercise with weight loss diets, results are usually seen quicker. This can boost your motivation and make you stick to your plans more rigidly.

Always consult your GMC registered medical doctor before starting any diet or exercise regime. This is especially important if you are an older individual or have any underlying medical conditions. Eontu, Herbalife, Slim Fast, Insanity, Exante or any other brand name  mentioned on this site remain property of their respective trademark holders.

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We wish you every success in achieving the fitness goals you desire. We hope that by eating correctly and using some of the resources linked from this website, you can achieve results quickly. Every individual varies and so do results. Stick to you plans, as long as they are safe – you will soon be reaping the rewards. Safe weight loss does not happen overnight, but the benefits of eating correctly and implementing safe, effective exercise will last a lifetime.

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News Update:

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The 3 Week Diet is being tried by some of out test subjects. Today is day 14. One of the people using this diet has lost about 1.25 St (17lb) in the first two weeks. The rate of weight loss seems to be slowing now, but it is still dropping. Also, their overall body shape is improved (the subject is male). The back is appearing slimmer, arms more shapely and legs are much less wide. There appears to be very little loss of muscle too. This may be because the diet concentrates on relatively high protein foods at certain stages and so muscles have the food needed to maintain themselves. The diet is calorie restrictive, especially over the first 4 days, but after that, we can report that the subjects have found the diet very easy to do. There have also been no reports of side effects or feeling lethargic. When the diet is complete (at day 21, we will update you. Check this diet out here at Pete’s Health. We believe that this is exceptional value and costs less than many hyped-up weight loss supplements – the bonus is that it actually works!